What is TemuTamu?

  • TemuTamu is a locally-based hospitality group offering local guide service in Indonesia. We want to bring people from all around the world to enjoy Indonesia in authentic way and create new memories through activities and trips. Local Experts offer services directly to guests and give them unforgettable experiences. Looking for unique, hassle-free and experiences? Book us!

What kind of experiences can I book?

  • We focus on 2 categories, Explore and Guide, in which you can book experiences. This could range from a visit at a local’s home to a hike to hidden places that is not written in your guidebook, or even a traditional silver-carving workshop and more.

What does the booking process look like?

  • You can book us by fulfilling the contact form via our website.Please fill in your data and requirement as detailed as possible. Once you’re done,you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Are there any booking fees applicable?

  • No, the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay as a Tamu (guest). No additional fees are applied EXCEPT special request by you or special surcharge mentioned, our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE!

How can I request a personalised experience?

  • Requesting a personalised offer is very easy. Simply write us that you want to get personalised through our contact form.
    Do you want to request a totally different experience? No problem, you can also contact us to request a completely new offer.

Is a personalised experience always private?

  • Yes. Because the experience is customised for you, it’s not possible for others to book this experience. That’s why it’s always a private experience. We also never mix your booking with other guests. Local Expert service is only for you and your group. Exclusive!

When will I be charged for a booking?

  • You will not be charged for a booking until it is confirmed. Once it is confirmed by us, the payment will be processed and collected by TemuTamu.It doesn’t matter if it takes two days or two months before the booking takes place. Usually you pay 100% upfront. Or 20% needs to be paid online and 80% (the remaining amount) to our Local Experts directly. This is one of our “hassle-free” idea.

What payment methods do you offer?

  • You can pay your booking via bank account directly and/or via TransferWise or PayPal. We will give you more details about our IBAN etc in our reply of your booking requirement.

Why do I not see the contact details such as email address or phone number of a Local Expert?

  • We respect the privacy of our team and that’s why we ask you to postpone sending your contact details until a booking is confirmed. Immediately after confirmation, you’ll receive an email with the information you need to stay in touch with us and the Local Experts especially, until the booking date.

What happens if I have a bad experience with a Local Expert?

  • In case you have a bad experience with our team, TemuTamu will get in touch with both guest and Local Expert to get at the bottom of the situation and to find a solution together. Your happiness counts more than anything!

Will I get my money back if a Local Expert cancels or doesn’t show up?

  • If a Local Expert cancels the booking or does not show up this is very inconvenient. In this case the full amount will be refunded to you. However, if one Local Expert is not available, we will replace with the other Local Experts.

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